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Moving people toward God's mission  through the multiplication of leaders, ministries

and churches.

God is doing a new thing in Utah

Watch this video to learn more about what is happening on the Utah Area Mission Field

The Nazarene Church has some incredible leaders on the Utah Mission Field. They have listened to God’s calling for them and taken up the challenge Christian Ministry presents in Utah. With less than a 3% Evangelical Christian presence, the state of Utah is different than many other states in the US which makes the ministries unique, but the leaders have found ways to persevere. This video tells their stories and how God has been using them as ministers on the mission field.


The Utah Movement is a church planting network focused on planting healthy, reproducing churches throughout Utah.  We are focused on relational and Christlike discipleship and serving our community for widespread community impact. 


​Making Christlike disciples in all the nations through the planting of new churches. 


  • Planting healthy, reproducing churches and ministries throughout Utah

  • Growing a network of leaders with a common purpose of planting healthy, reproducing churches and ministries


  • Less than 3% Evangelical Christian

  • Salt Lake City is one of the least reached metro areas in the US and is classified as an unreached people group

  • 1/2 of Utah population lives in surroundings of  Salt Lake City

  •  Utah is the 4th fastest growing state in US

  • 120 languages spoken in homes throughout Salt Lake City

Source: Pew Forum • World Population Review • Visit Salt Lake • Nazarene Demographics Study

Why Church Planting

"New church planting is the only way that we can be sure we are going to increase the number of believers in a city and one of the best ways to renew the whole body of Christ. The evidence for this statement is strong–Biblically, sociologically, and historically. In the end, a lack of kingdom-mindedness may simply blind us to all this evidence. We must beware of that."  -- Tim Keller

"Across Christian history for 2,000 years, church planting has been the single most effective strategy for reaching lost people with the good news of Jesus." -

- Ed Stetzer

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Connect With Us
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