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Moving people toward God's mission  through the multiplication of leaders, ministries

and churches.


The Utah Movement is a church planting network focused on planting healthy, reproducing churches throughout Utah.  We are focused on relational and Christlike discipleship and serving our community for widespread community impact. 


​Making Christlike disciples in all the nations through the planting of new churches. 


  • Planting healthy, reproducing churches and ministries throughout Utah

  • Growing a network of leaders with a common purpose of planting healthy, reproducing churches and ministries


  • Less than 3% Evangelical Christian

  • Salt Lake City is one of the least reached metro areas in the US and is classified as an unreached people group

  • 1/2 of Utah population lives in surroundings of  Salt Lake City

  •  Utah is the 4th fastest growing state in US

  • 120 languages spoken in homes throughout Salt Lake City

Source: Pew Forum • World Population Review • Visit Salt Lake • Nazarene Demographics Study

Why Church Planting

"New church planting is the only way that we can be sure we are going to increase the number of believers in a city and one of the best ways to renew the whole body of Christ. The evidence for this statement is strong–Biblically, sociologically, and historically. In the end, a lack of kingdom-mindedness may simply blind us to all this evidence. We must beware of that."  -- Tim Keller

"Across Christian history for 2,000 years, church planting has been the single most effective strategy for reaching lost people with the good news of Jesus." -

- Ed Stetzer

Connect With Us

Connect With Us
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