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Urban Encounter (1-2 weeks) 

Urban Encounter is an opportunity for individuals or groups to learn more about and to experience the challenges and opportunities that are found in the urban core.  This includes a personalized city tour, opportunities to interact and engage with various communities that make up the urban core, and connect with city leaders to learn more about reaching cities in a sustainable way. 

Summer Residency (8-10 weeks)

The summer residency is approximately 8-10 weeks (25 hours per week) and includes a weeklong leadership and discipleship intensive with top leaders from across the country who are leading church movements in a variety of contexts. This intensive will end with a weekend of sightseeing in some of Utah's most sought-after destinations. The summer residency provides the opportunity to learn how to develop personal strengths, organize teams, build community partnerships, develop outreach opportunities throughout the city, and experience connections with others through our outpost church gatherings.  The summer residency includes housing and a small weekly stipend.


Long-Term Residency (12-18 months)

The long-term residency is approximately 12-18 months and provides the opportunity to immerse into a focused area of leadership and personal development in areas such as social work, urban renewal, community outreach, church planting, entrepreneurship, and community partnerships.  Residents will have the chance to connect with other non-profit organizations for internships and learning opportunities and will serve on the strategic development team for the Utah mission area.  Every resident will work with our team to identify the area(s) they are most interested in learning from, including: community outreach, urban renewal, church planting, social work, communications and entrepreneurship.  The long-term residency includes housing.



Sunset Vista is a diverse community in Magna, UT where Movement Church has launched an outpost church. Love on the Move (the outreach arm of Movement Church) has hosted a Back to School Giveaway, Ice Cream Giveaway and Fall Block Party in this community.  Residents at Sunset Vista will focus on the following:


  • Fostering relationships in this mobile home neighborhood consisting of 170+ homes where an outpost church has been launched. 

  • Development of Summer Kids Club program

  • Development of Parental Education program (financial literacy, parenting)

  • Assist and provide leadership for weekly outpost church gatherings.

  • Conducting a demographic study of the community within Sunset Vista.


Western Estates is another diverse community in Magna, UT where Movement Church is in the beginning stages of launching another outpost church.   The vision is to host similar outreach opportunities as in Sunset Vista.  



Maud’s Café is a boutique community cafe that offers an 8-12 week employment training program for the youth from Volunteers of America, Utah’s Homeless Youth Resource Center, Young Men’s and Women’s Transition Homes. Movement Church has launched a church that gathers at Maud's Cafe' weekly.  The mission of the Maud’s Cafe’ outpost church is to partner with the Youth Resource Center that is located next door from Maud’s Cafe’. This partnership involves mentorship and volunteer support with the vision to build relational bridges with the youth and young adults residing in the Youth Resource Center. Residents for the outpost church at Maud’s Cafe’ will focus on the following: 



  • Fostering relationships with the employees at Maud’s Cafe’ and the Youth Resource Center.

  • Identifying unique ways to serve and partner with the Youth Resource Center. 

  • Developing community impact events and opportunities to target the neighborhoods surrounding Maud’s Cafe.

  • Assist and provide leadership for weekly outpost worship gatherings

  • Conducting a demographic study of the community within a 3-mile radius of Maud’s Care’ and the Youth Resource Center. 




Ministerial Entrepreneurship is a unique way for leaders to make an impact in their community through start-up businesses and non-profits that are distinctly tied to a missional focus.  A non-profit coffee shop is currently being developed to launch in the winter.  The vision is to launch a church in this space in the future.  Residents for ministerial entrepreneurship will focus on the following:


  • Developing a business and marketing plan to launch a non-profit coffee shop

  • Initiating and fostering partnerships with local businesses and non-profits

  • Conducting a demographic study of coffee culture in the target area

  • Conducting research of other local coffee shops

  • Assist and provide leadership for weekly outpost worship gatherings

Salt Lake City is rich with culture and represents a variety of communities within the urban culture.  Our  vision is to foster connections within these communities by planting outpost churches that connect with:

  • People affected by homelessness

  • Business leaders impacted by urban culture

  • People living in densely populated urban dwellings.



Telling the stories of the Utah mission field that communicate the life and community transformations happening through new churches is an important aspect of seeing our vision become a reality. Storyteller residents would focus on:


  • Developing a storyboard that consistently communicates how the vision of Movement Church is resulting in life and community transformations. 

  • Collaborating with outpost churches to identify the stories that need to be told. 

  • Interviewing people on video who have been selected to share their life transformation story and editing video to final draft. 

  • Collecting and editing video and still footage from outpost gatherings, as well as, community outreach opportunities for video story projects.